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Electrical Installation Acworth


Compass Electric provides electrical installation Acworth including ceiling fan, flat screen, outlet, and landscape lighting. Welcome to Compass Electric, your trusted partner for top-tier electrical installation services in Acworth with same-day appointments. At Compass Electric, we specialize in providing comprehensive electrical solutions tailored to meet your installation needs. From landscape lighting to panel replacement, our skilled technicians ensure a seamless and safe installation experience.

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Oulet Installation

Looking to enhance the functionality of your living space with new outlets? Compass Electric has you covered. Our outlet installation services in Acworth are designed to meet your specific requirements, whether you need additional outlets for convenience or want to upgrade to modern, energy-efficient options. Trust us for precise and reliable outlet installations that prioritize both safety and aesthetics.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Beat the Acworth heat with our expert ceiling fan installation services. Compass Electric’s skilled technicians ensure a swift and secure installation process, providing you with optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Whether you’re replacing an old fan or installing one for the first time, our team is dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Flat Screen TV Installation

Transform your entertainment experience with our flat TV screen installation services. Compass Electric combines technical expertise with an eye for detail to mount your TV securely and conceal wiring for a clean and polished look. Experience the thrill of immersive entertainment with our professional installation services in Acworth.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminate your outdoor space with our exquisite landscape lighting installations. Compass Electric enhances the beauty and security of your property with thoughtfully designed lighting solutions. From pathway lighting to accentuating key features, our landscape lighting services in Acworth create a captivating ambiance while ensuring safety.

EV Charger Installation

Energize your electric vehicle experience with Compass Electric’s EV Charger Installation services in Acworth, GA. As a Tesla-certified installer, we offer specialized solutions not only for Tesla vehicles but also for a wide range of electric vehicles. Our expert team is adept at installing various types of EV chargers, ensuring that your charger is compatible with your vehicle and tailored to your specific charging needs.

At Compass Electric, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient home charging setup. We handle every aspect of the installation process – from assessing your electrical system’s capacity to the final integration of the charger. Our commitment to quality and safety means you can enjoy the convenience of fast and secure charging right in your own home. Opt for Compass Electric for a professional EV charger installation that brings the future of vehicle charging to your doorstep.

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Main Services

We provide most popular repair services

Outlet Installation Canton

Outlet Installation Services

Compass Electric offers precise and efficient outlet installation services to enhance the functionality and convenience of your living space. Whether you need additional outlets for new appliances or want to update your home with modern receptacles, our team ensures a seamless installation process.

Ceiling Fan Installation Canton

Ceiling Fan Installation

Compass Electric offers precise and efficient ceiling fan installation services, ensuring that your fan is securely mounted and operates smoothly. Whether you’re replacing an existing fan or installing one for the first time, our team is dedicated to delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Flat Tv Screen installation

Flat TV Screen Installation

Compass Electric provides expert TV wall mounting services, ensuring that your flat-screen TV is securely and aesthetically mounted on the wall. Our technicians handle the entire installation process with precision and care.

Landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting Services

Compass Electric specializes in precise and artistic landscape lighting installations. From pathway lights to accentuating key features, our technicians ensure a seamless and visually appealing installation.

Cable Wiring installation

Cable Wiring Installation

Compass Electric begins the installation process by creating a central hub for the router and networking switch, strategically positioning it for optimal connectivity.

electrical home inspections Canton

Electrical Home Inspections

Welcome to Compass Electric, your trusted partner for comprehensive electrical home inspections in Acworth. At Compass Electric, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your home by offering meticulous inspections that identify potential issues, preventing electrical shocks and fires. Let our certified professionals provide you with the peace of mind that comes from a secure and reliable electrical system.

Panel Upgrade Canton

Panel Upgrade

Welcome to Compass Electric, your trusted partner for top-notch panel upgrade services in Acworth. As technology advances and energy demands increase, ensuring your electrical panel is up to the task is crucial. At Compass Electric, we specialize in providing expert panel upgrades, including wiring, fuse, and breaker enhancements, to meet the evolving needs of your home.


Commonly Asked Questions

 The duration of ceiling fan installation depends on factors like ceiling height and wiring complexity. Our team strives for efficiency, typically completing installations within a few hours.

Yes, our landscape lighting solutions at Compass Electric often incorporate energy-efficient LED technology, providing both aesthetic appeal and reduced energy consumption.

While it's possible, professional installation ensures proper mounting and concealed wiring, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. Compass Electric's experts ensure a hassle-free experience.

Absolutely! We tailor our outlet installation services to your specific needs, accommodating preferences for placement, style, and functionality.

Yes, all our technicians are licensed, experienced, and fully insured, providing you with peace of mind during every installation project.